The Magnus Opus

Access With The Smartphone - Newly Defined!

Resulting out of the demands we make for ourselves and the steadily growing change in access control systems we have defined the use of digital locking systems with the most high comfort and security level completely new!

The ELOCK2 BLE locking systems provides a forward-thinking possiblity to use an access control system with a smartphone.


  • With the aid of the unique ELOCK2 Push to Open function the opening and authorization process at locking systems is being facilitated and changes entirely the user behavior. Here the user is only being demanded to activate the closing component at the door. Through activated Bluetooth the smartphone remains in your pocket and is only being used if needed.
  • The authorization assignment via E-Mail
  • Automated opening process without interactions


  • The ELOCK2 system is steadily in stand-by mode and thus it doesn´t consume energy. Only with the Push-to-Open function the system is activated.

Options And Fitting Products

Other features, the corresponding software and controlable ELOCK2 locking system can be found here