New Ways For Security At The Emergency Exit

  • The dayalarm TA83 protects the escape route from trespass.
  • With the dayalarm TA83 from the company ELOCK2 all the increased demands for escape routes can be realized and is the solution for protecting particular escape route doors.

Retrofittable Escape Door Protection

  • The panik locks provide the tried and tested basis for different system solutions. Securing doors without an additional locking.
  • The dayalarm is perfect for retrofit of doors for the state of the art and is applicable for wood, steel, frame, smoke and fireproof doors.

Simple Use And Programming

  • By opening the door the alarm is triggered which is also visually perceived through the alarm light that is installed in the device. Authorized individuals use these doors alarm-free with a key. The status display is shown by a red or a green LED.
  • If the door is left open for 15 seconds after a authorized opening a intervalic sound rings out and the LED blinks green.
  • As soon as the door is closed the LED is red again, the intervalic sound stops and the device is armed.
  • If the door is used on both sides a sensing device has to be installed at the outside (e.g. at a storeroom so that it also can be exited)
  • The reading antenna enables only authorized entrance and doesn´t trigger the alarm. This adjustment as well as a permanent approval of the door can directly be made by an authorized individual at the day alarm device.


  • The reading antenna can be used for inner space as well as outer space.
  • One time or permanent approval is possible with the software
  • Alarm acknowledgement through use of transponder
  • Logging is analyzable
  • Only one transponder for the appliance of access and alarm system