The New Door Guard TW8

Escaping at any time safely out of a building seems at once to be in direct conflict to the often required maximum security of the assets. The new system concepts from ELOCK2 make it particularly easy to meet the growing requirements for escape and rescue routes. The door guard is suitable for refitting doors to the state of the art of technology and is suitable for wooden, steel and tubular frame doors. Alternative locking elements such as the electrically locking panic lock, in combination with the escape door control, allows to secure your door with small installation effort.

  • With the ELOCK2 door guard TW8 you get a first-class emergency exit door alarm system for your commercial premises such as shops, workshops, offices, law offices, practices, or galleries. In addition, ELOCK2 also provides fast, reliable security solutions for administration buildings, schools, kindergartens, hotels or museums.
  • Flexible and expandable: All ELOCK2 locking and access control systems are constructed modularly and thus flexible and expandable. Ideal for old buildings, buildings that are being modernized and also for rented premises. When moving, simply take your ELOCK2 door guard with you and install it again at the new property.


  • Switchable monitoring function according to schedule
  • Event logging for on-site visits
  • Access control for authorized persons
  • Alarm acknowledgment and release by transponder
  • Keyless alarm acknowledgment through MorseCode
  • Deterrent pre-alarm when pressed lightly, stops when released
  • Temporal door opening for delivery and pickup
  • Seamless integration into access management
  • No risk of injury when pressing the button
  • Battery operated in stand-alone mode
  • Prepared for profile cylinder
  • Access from outside without alarm possible


  • Pre-alarm: door remains closed! The user is warned by pressing the door handle with a short alarm.
  • Permanent alarm: door open! Door guard triggers a continuous alarm.
  • Alarm acknowledgment: Authorized transponder key or MorseCode acknowledges the alarm.
  • Single release: The door can be opened with an authorized transponder key without alarm.
  • Continuous release via transponder: For an alarm-free use, the door can be permanently released by transponder.
  • Permanent release according to schedule: The door can be permanently operated without alarm during the set time zone.


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