Keyless opening with MorseCode

The most intelligent locking system you can install at present!

  • ELOCK2 locks can be opened with a transponder as well as with the MorseCode.
  • The MorseCode is individually creatable and can be 8 to 16 signs long.
  • Can be 1 to 16 signs long (for the Home&Office version)

Emergency MorseCode

  • You can choose between the functions Permanent-Emergency and One-Way-Emergency.
  • Permanent-Emergency: The MorseCode is always valid and usable without any restrictions.
  • One-Way-Emergency: The MorseCode is only valid/usable once. After usage the MorseCode function is deactivated at this locking system.

Individual MorseCode

  • Every user receives his own personal MorseCode, uniformly for all ELOCK2 locking systems for which he also has access authorization to with his transponder.


  • For every ELOCK2 locking system a list of 256 MorseCodes are being made. After one usage all MorseCodes loose their validity.

Options And Fitting Products

Other features and corresponding locking systems can be found here