No More Cabling!

  • The ELOCK2 radio locking cylindr SLS61.FZ100 of the SLS series is part of a ELOCK2 locking system but communicates directly without any cabling with the radio module of the alarm (e.g. JABLOTRON/DAITEM/CM-Security).


  • At loss of key easy blocking of the transponder with the replacement transponder.
  • The ELOCK2 radio locking cylinder is tamper and sabotage proof because all the intelligence is located on the inside.


  • The inevitability is possible without any other components such as blocking devices or block lock.
  • The transponder can open several other locking cylinders in the same property as well as arm/disarm the alarm.
  • The command of arming/disarming is transmitted via radio to the alarm system.
  • If the alarm system is armed the door can only be opened after disarming.
  • The status request of the switching state of the alarm is possible at the locking cylinder.

Advantages In Overview

  • Status request of the switching state of the alarm system is possible at the locking cylinder
  • Integrated "ready-to-arm" function
  • Only one transponder for the usage of access and alarm systems
  • Tamper and sabotage proof because the intelligence is hidden on the inside.
  • No cabling at the door
  • Battery-powered - duration of battery up to 2-5 years
  • Integration into the online access control is possible
  • It Is suitable for glas, wood, steel, tube frame, escape, fire and smoke doors.