Remote Terminal

Door Controlller With Bus Antenna

  • For your home, club houses, factories, offices, chancelleries, doctor offices, shops… Proven a thousand times! Makes you more secure! You have two possibilities how you can open the doors:
  • With a transponder: It is the heart of your system. All the access authorizations are saved on it. You can open locks as many as you want and at loss the transponder is easily deactivated. Other transponders can be integrated anytime.
  • Brand NEW! With the MorseCode-Function: Instead of the transponder all those with authorized access have a code. Through entering the MorseCode the door can be opened.

This way your home, clubhouse, apartment, doctors offices, factory,…will be absolutely safe!

  • With a intelligent access control: you decide, at which time someone can open your front-door or your garage. Instead of a mechanical key every person who is allowed to enter your rooms receives a transponder. If the transponder gets lost it is easily deactivated.
  • With a intelligent solution: with a simple check card transponder you are able to program every transponder. You neither need a management software nor a computer.
  • With a simple programming: If you want to grant authorization to a lock, firstly hold the programming transponder against the door knob and afterwards the transponder that has to be programmed - that´s it!

Your unexcelled advantages at a glance:

  • Locking sytem with access control
  • Simple programming and application
  • At loss of key no expensive change
  • Access rights freely distributable
  • No problem at loss of key
  • Easy Installation!
  • Battery powered - no cabling!
  • Easiest appliance
  • Encrypted data transfer

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