Hotel Terminal

Comfort At The Push Of A Button!

Technology that offers comfort, saves energy and makes your stay at the hotel as comfortable as possible. With a integrated RS485 interface it is the consequent, safe and intelligent solution for system hotels with a high demand for comfort, flexibility, online automation and integrated attendance check as well as energy control.

Room and thermostat via check-in/check-out

Automatic lighting/electricity minimization

Automatic energy control

Freely programmable connections

Easy to use with the transponder. Ergonomic antenna with visual and acoustic feedback. If a valid ELOCK2-transponder is recognized the relay contact reacts by a temporally adjustable short-time approval or by the permanently open function. The access and room management system ZH83 enables with a transponder/card-holder to use the lights and television only with a inserted key card. The outer panel informs Housekeeping & Co. comfortably.