NFC - Mobile Access Control

Fast Access Without Hand-Over Of Keys

  • NFC-compatible smartphones can receive access authorizations en route via E-Mail, SMS, GSM or the ELOCK2-Web-Plattform.

Mobile Access Management

  • With the ELOCK2-Apps access authorizations can be send to other smartphones from afar in real-time.
  • Opening and closing without internet connection - only via NFC-Mode

Mobile Locksmith

  • Management and programming of locks and tags with the ELOCK2-Admin-App.
  • A nonrecurring licence fee
  • Free download of the management app and the basic app in google playstore
  • Simple installation of NFC ELOCK2 locking cylinders. No other devices have to be installed in or next to the door.
  • The NFC version is compatible with these ELOCK2 products: Locking Cylinder SLS-61, Builders Hardware Lock B8, Furniture Lock K5, Automatic Lock V4, Whole-Glass Door Lock G4, Middle Fall Lock M9 and Tube Frame Lock R7.

Different Product Groups Categorized In Apps And User Groups:

  • NFC ELOCK2 Basic: For home users and business enterprises with adjusted function volume and really simple configuration
  • NFC ELOCK2 Pro: For companies and institutions with differentiated access time management also for multiple objects.
  • NFC ELOCK2 Hotel: For Hotels offering a check-in with no reception.