ELOCK2, Your Brand For Secure Access Control

  • Fast, clean and individual locking and access control systems for private or industrial objects - ELOCK2 is successful with it since 1983.
  • This means individual solutions with digital access technology for highest demands. Reliable access control, fast and clean installation, long life of battery as well as simple and comfortable use.
  • ELOCK2 access control can only be received by qualified installation companies. They offer you a competent consultancy and a all-encompassing service.
  • Using the management software SLS-600 you can configure your personal locking system according to your current requirements.

Create Authorizations By Yourself

  • The advantage of the ELOCK2 access control system is the regulation of the flow of people according to these aspects:
  • Who: Only a selected group of people get access.
  • How: This group of people are assigned with a personal authorization which gives access to certain areas at particular times.
  • When: the authorization for access can be controlled temporally differentiated.
  • Where: the authorization for access can additionally be applied to areas or particular rooms independent of each other.

Fields Of Application

  • Whole sale and retail: control of access to service rooms and storerooms.
  • Industry: control of entry and exit of buildings and parts of buildings, development centers and laboratories, access roads to factory premises.
  • Public facilities: control of access to administrations, museums, facilities of energy and water supply, recreational facilities and places of assembly.
  • Factory space: control of access to employee and vistor parking, harbour and airport facilities.
  • Financial institutions: control of access to non-public areas like data centers, management areas, safe and vault rooms.

Options And Fitting Products

Other features, the corresponding software and controllable ELOCK2 locking systems can be found here